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Trip Hazard Removal

One of Concrete Contractors maintenance service providing Trip Hazard Removal. This concrete problem gives an inconvenience to all pedestrian and to all owners. There are many ways to address the concrete dilemma. Our purpose is to help our customer to understand available option for them to have the best choices about their property investment. 

Henceforth, trip hazard gives the safety issue of pedestrian and owner and this can cause long-term consequences on the property. There are different ways to repair concrete to remove the trip hazard. Concrete Contractors have many years of experience in raising sunken and uneven concrete in Orlando, Florida and the surrounding cities.

The approach of Removing Trip Hazards


Initially, this known as patching. This is a low-cost repair process, it needs a self-mix concrete for fast repair to patch the uneven areas between concrete slabs. This patch is a basic ramp that creates a slope between two sidewalk slabs.


Usually, a grinder, it grinds away the concrete to bring the two slabs into a more even plane. This can be used for some trip hazards between ¼ and 1 inch. Note that grinding is only grinding leaving a scar on the concrete, it is rough and looks unprofessional did it.

Cup Grinding

Furthermore, this is a large angle grinder used to grind the high concrete down to meet the low concrete. This is expensive to rent this type of equipment, it builds a lot of dust.


Mainly, the process of drilling small holes less than 2 inches in order to pump a cement mixture below the concrete to raise it back to level. This is an economical option for sidewalks, driveways, and even large slabs of concrete that measures 20 by 20 or more. Eventually, this takes time for the patched holes to fade match the look of the current concrete. This is fast and affordable.

Saw Cutting

In this process, it uses a concrete cutting blade to horizontally cut through the high concrete trip hazard to make it level with the lower concrete. This process of application is limited to the thickness, angle, and stability of the concrete.

Removal and replacement

Effectively, this needs a demolition, removal, and pouring a new concrete.

Specifically, the result of complete trip hazard services specifications offer zero point of differential, smooth flat and slip-resistant, edge to edge treatment, and dust lessens system. Likewise, since the company starts its business we establish a superior trip hazard removal services that are fast, clean and intensely affordable for anyone that owns sidewalks. 

Conveniently, trust the Professional Concrete Contractor to do the concrete job in your property. A professional concrete able to evaluate the entire landscape, surrounding water sources, concrete stability. They will help to reveal the purpose of the project as well as to meet the budget. Moreover, our company helps the customer to have a choice that meets their property needs.

Likewise, for more information about our company about the trip hazard removal process, call or visit our company for a free estimate.

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